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Harness The Profit Power Of Your Aweber Account

  • Tired of reading manuals and not getting the same results the writers end up with?  With these over-the-shoulder style training videos, you watch me do it step-by-step & you simply repeat what you just saw.
  • Not sure why your conversions are not as good as they should be? I take the mystery out of split testing your Aweber web forms AND Broadcast Messages. Videos 17 & 18spill the beans.
  • Are you getting more un-subscribes & spam complaints than you are getting NEW Subscribers?Video 08 can help plug that problem and save you loads of time as well!

If you currently use Aweber as your email service provider (& you should be), then there is a better than average chance you are NOT taking advantage of all the profit potential that Aweber offers.

Finally, A Step-By-Step Course That Covers Everything You Need To Know About Aweber

These videos provide you with detailed ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.

How To Use An Autoresponder- Aweber Edition – Training videos are your GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides That You Can Brand & Call Them Your Own Creation.


  • Are you always on the go and have limited time to watch the training videos? Every video comes with an MP3 audio file for you to listen & learn PLUS the written  transcript for added learning power.
  • Can’t handle another 30 minute lecture or hour long webinar? Not a problem anymore – Ez to consume bite-sized nuggets of knowledge. Most of these videos are around 5 minutes or less. (see the video descriptions below for titles & times).
  • A combined 100+ minutes of video training delivered in bite sized pieces.


Introducing… How To Use An Autoresponder -AWEBER Edition- Training Videos…

One of the most important tools for a long term profitable business in this day & age is an email autoresponder service like Aweber.

While the internet is chock full of free information on how to use this email service provider or that email service provider, they were lacking the organization, detail & style of teaching that enables you to best learn from and most importantly, take action with.

My series of How To Use Autoresponders – Aweber Edition, lays it out for you in easy to follow ‘over the shoulder’ style training videos.

This way you see it being done right in front of you, so you just do as you see – easy peezy!

I’ve had my Aweber account since 2006 but…

There is a big difference between having it and using it to its full potential.

I’ve had my Aweber account since 2006 when they charged a flat $19.95 monthly no matter how many subscribers you had. Well their pricing structure and list of features have changed a bit since then, and so has the way I use Aweber.

Doing a series of training videos on Aweber has been on my ‘To-Do’ list for a long time. The problem has been that I never used Aweber enough to consider myself worthy of training others.

I had an Aweber problem & couldn’t find the answer…

That all changed earlier this year. I had a problem with one of the emails I was trying to write in the ‘new’ (well, kinda new) Drag & Drop editor Aweber has. So I started looking on Google and YouTube for videos to answer my question.

I found a lot of outdated, disorganized information, both text and video and after sifting through all that I still was without my answer.

In the process of finding the answer to my original problem, I discovered other Aweber customers with their own problems on how to do this or how to do that.

So I decided it was time for me to swing into action and carve out the time I needed to learn all the features of Aweber AND to do a detailed training course on How To Use An Autoresponder – Aweber Edition.

I found the solution to my problem and whole lot more!

I discovered the solution to my problem by trial & error and in the process, I recorded 22 other videos on how to maximize the power of your Aweber account in ways many long time users may not even know exist.


Section 1An Introduction To AweberFree Preview

An Introduction To Aweber – In the first video in this series you will see many of the awesome tools & features as well as the pricing structure.
Running Time 5:39

Section 2Signup
Section 3List Setup
Section 4Global Text Snippets
Section 5Create Web Form
Section 6Customizing Web Form
Section 7List Importing
Section 8Create Templates
Section 9Create Follow Up Messages
Section 10Create Broadcast Messages
Section 11Blog Broadcasts
Section 12Backup Your Lists
Section 13Removing Inactive Subscribers
Section 14Create List Segments
Section 15Copy Messages
Section 16Sharing Messages
Section 17Split Testing Web Forms
Section 18Split Testing Broadcast Messages
Section 19Statistics & Reports
Section 20Subscriber Search
Section 21Adding Video To Messages
Section 22Automation Rules