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Tap into high-quality social media traffic and turbocharge your profits today with Facebook marketing!!!
Yes guys, now you can grow your leads, sales and profits with the most effective social media marketing platform…

Social media marketing has taken over the marketing world completely today and Facebook is growing like never before as it owns 77% of all social logins. From a kid to a pro marketer, everyone is on Facebook to build strong connections and facilitate long-term growth. It has grown for businesses, and marketers are using this social media monster to promote themselves and get gold results that they always aspired.

Facebook has 1.09 Billion logging in daily and this is really a huge opportunity to cater more prospective clients and establish brand authority in real time. For that you don’t need to be an established brand as Facebook works for every business regardless of its scale of operations. You can also target globally scattered audience with lower marketing budget and high-quality features like Facebook ads, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Facebook contest, sponsored stories etc.

Facebook adds numerous innovations every year to ease the efforts of marketers and that’s the reason it occupies number 1 place among all the social media marketing channels and if you have slightest of doubts, then these numbers will make everything crystal clear instantly-

These facts are not to create hype, this is white truth folks

There’s no doubt that Facebook marketing is the ultimate choice for businesses. It has endless profit potential and will grow with every passing day and help you to connect with globally scattered customers and grow your business exponentially. And if you seriously want to be a market leader, you need to jump on this untapped social bandwagon – just as the others who chose it early and benefited big.

Nevertheless to be pro in Facebook marketing, one should know the rulebook to be followed as every good thing comes with great efforts and practice. And if you don’t put efforts you are dead in the water.

But don’t worry, we are there for you and you’re safe…You don’t need to worry about anything as we have done all the hard work for you…

Forget the days of paying a fortune and playing the waiting game with social media marketing techniques that seldom deliver

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Facebook Marketing 3.0 Made Easy

Section 1Facebook Marketing Basics
Lecture 1What Facebook is all about NowadaysFree Preview

Welcome to Section 1 of our Facebook Marketing 3.0 Video Training, Facebook Marketing Basics.

In this section, we’ll talk about:
* What Facebook is all about Nowadays
* What Business Goals can you accomplish with Facebook?
* There’s a Facebook business tool for every business goal
* Shocking Facebook Marketing Facts to Consider
We hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section.
What Facebook is all about Nowadays

Everybody knows what Facebook is, even people that do not use it know what it is. This is because Facebook has transformed from a niche social site for college students to the largest and most widely used social media platform in the world.
Yet in spite of its social media tag, Facebook has become a platform that appeals both to regular people and to businesses, because it has something in store for everybody. Let’s find out what it is that makes it so valuable in the online world.

Facebook for Social

Facebook is primarily a social media network designed specifically for social interaction. What differentiates Facebook from other social networks, and what has made it so special is the plethora of easy to use features that allows people from all around the world to find and interact with like-minded people even when they are separated by regional and cultural barriers.
Facebook allows people to create online profiles complete with personal photos and pictures to showcase socially centered occurrences, where people can list their interests and preferences, as well as post their contact information, so others can get in touch with them.
The site’s popularity, combined with all these features, has made it the perfect platform to locate long-lost friendships and to meet new friends. Facebook is also a great venue for entertainment for people from all walks of life, because they can use the platform to play games, to live chat with Facebook friends and to share video content.
Some of the most popular social features offered by the Facebook platform include photo albums that can be shared with friends and with other people, comments on other people’s profiles, and Facebook “groups” which are often used by families and groups of friends as hubs to share content privately.

Facebook for Business

Facebook is an attractive platform for businesses, too, because it offers companies, organizations and businesses of all types to reach an audience of almost 2 billion people in any given month, which is not only important for revenue, but also for building brand awareness.
Facebook can easily help any type of business stand out big time, thanks to the high rates of user engagement with brands that have a presence in the platform. This is because Facebook is a way more interactive platform than a business website would ever dream to be due to its very social nature.
Businesses can have their own Facebook profiles by creating a Facebook page. Facebook pages are designed to allow businesses, companies, brands, organizations, artists and other entities, have a window to interact with users in the most popular social network there is.
Businesses with Facebook Pages can upload content to the platform the same way that any regular user would, with the added benefit of allowing businesses to promote and market their products and services with laser sharp precision thanks to its meticulously built advertising platform!

Lecture 2What Business Goals can you accomplish with Facebook?
Lecture 3There’s a Facebook business tool for every business goal
Lecture 4Shocking Facebook Marketing Facts to Consider
Section 2Marketing on Facebook - Step by Step
Lecture 5Creating a Facebook AccountFree Preview

Welcome to Section 2 of our Facebook Marketing 3.0 Video Training, Marketing on Facebook – Step by Step.

In this section, we’ll talk about:

* Creating a Facebook Account
* Facebook Pages
* Facebook Ads
* Messenger for Business
* Instagram
* Audience Network
* Atlas

We hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section.

Creating A Facebook Account

While it may seem simple to create an account on Facebook, there are a number of questions and terms that you should be aware of, when going through the short process.

When you first come to the Facebook entry page, you will see that the option to “Create An Account” has already been provided for you.

In order to begin making your account, you will be asked to provide your:

* First name
* Last name
* Mobile Number/Email
* Password
* Date of Birth
* Gender

If you look closely at the fine print, there will be four highlighted links just above the green “Create Account” button:

* Why do I need to provide my birthday?
* Terms
* Data Policy
* Cookie Use
It is important to take your time and read these highlighted terms, as they provide valuable information for your account.
Why Do I Need To Provide My Birthday?

The reason Facebook wants you to enter your date of birth into your account stretches beyond having your friends sending you birthday messages. Facebook uses complex algorithms to decide how your given age will affect your Facebook experience.

Let’s say you are a middle-aged man looking to reconnect with old friends from high school. When “People You May Know” are presented in your Facebook feed, you are not going to want a long list of teenagers to show up in your feed.

Using your entered age, Facebook can determine based on your location the types of people that will most likely be appropriate in showing up on your feed.


It is safe to say that no one enjoys reading the extensive “Terms of Service” every time they sign up for a program or service, but that does not mean that you should skip over it without even giving it so much as a glance.

While it is more than impossible to read through every single clause and subheading in the Terms of Service, a quick skim through can provide you with more than a basic understanding of what to do, and what not to do, with your Facebook account.

It provides quality information on:

* Privacy
* Content Sharing
* Safety
* Account Security
* Payments
* Other Information

Date Policy

Looking through the Terms of Service you may glance at a hyperlink to something known as a Data Policy.

In short, what this is referring to is Facebook’s right, upon your accepting of the Terms of Service, to collect data that you provide with your account.

Now, Facebook does not use the information you provide for ill purposes. Facebook uses your information to help promote safety and security in your online environment, and well as create a stronger sense of communication between you and the website.

Cookie Policy

If you didn’t know, Cookies are small tidbits of data used to store information on web browsers. By accepting the Terms of Service when making your account, you are also giving permission to Facebook to store and use these Cookies.

This does not mean you are not in control of what information Facebook stores however. Once you have made your account, there are settings you can choose from to change how Facebook stores cookies, and what ads are provided to you.

Go ahead and click the green “Create Account” button. Doing so will prompt you to verify the phone number or email account that you provided.

Once this is done, you will be able to customize your account and create a page on Facebook for your company or brand by going to the top right corner of the home page, or by returning to the Create Account page and clicking on “Create A Page” at the bottom of the screen.

Lecture 6Facebook Pages
Lecture 7 Facebook Ads
Lecture 8Messenger for Business
Lecture 9Instagram
Lecture 10Audience Network
Lecture 11 Atlas
Section 3Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies
Lecture 12Affiliate Marketing with Facebook
Lecture 13How to dramatically increase your ROI, Remarketing on Facebook
Lecture 14How to use Facebook Groups as powerful marketing tool
Lecture 15Using the Facebook Search Bar for Market Research
Lecture 168 Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies to consider
Section 4Additional Tips to consider
Lecture 17Dos and Don'ts
Lecture 18Premium tools and Services to consider
Lecture 19Shocking Case Studies
Lecture 20Frequently Asked Questions